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Manoj Nair Sydney

Startup specialist, involved in two digital and three telco startups across a span of 16 years as a Senior Internet and Telecom Executive in regions as diverse as Middle East. Africa, India, South East Asia and Australia. A music and sports enthusiast and a complete movie buff!

Saurabh GuptaDubai

Young Global Entrepreneur with Startups in Technology, Media, Education and Communication Engineering. A Stanford GSB Alumni and a recognised research scholar by Dr. Henry C Lee. A numerology and Vedic numbers enthusiast, and an ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda.

Brendan Poynton London

Social Entrepeneur, Consultant, Creative Visionary, Musician, Songwriter. Founder of Music Earth Rise and Songwall. Solid background in design management, business development and experience in the environmental sector. Avid fan of tennis and clay courts!

Adel Farooq Dubai

Singer, Actor, and Entertainer. A recorded artist in Sufi/Bollywood styles. Acted in TV serials. Athlete, ex-Vice Captain of the UAE National cricket team. Corporate roles include Telecom Marketing and Events Management.


A guitarist , composer and songwriter Arjun Sen's , work includes Music for Films,Docos,Theater,Art Installations,Exhibitions and Music banks.Styles-Rock, Rock and Roll, Jazz Fusion, World,Blues, with Indian and Western Classical Influences in some works.

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